Lakewood Online Schools

Are you looking for accredited distance learning programs for middle & high school in Lakewood, CO? GlobalED offers tuition-free online courses for residents of Lakewood. Our accredited blended educational program is available in 18 Colorado counties.

Our online programs in Lakewood are compliant with Colorado State's academic standards and have enrolled over 6,000 full-time students across the nation. With graduates from Denver, Colorado Springs, Aurora, PuebloGrand Junction, and more. GlobalED offers flexible, reliable, and supportive distance learning programs.

GlobalED's Online Schools in Lakewood, CO

GlobalED's approach to education does not compromise hands-on learning for virtual convenience. Our online schools available in Lakewood are tuition-free for Colorado residents. They are delivered through three schools with specific teaching philosophies to enhance the learning experience: AIM Global School, our STEAM-focused Immersion School, and GlobalED Solutions Unlimited.

AIM Global–Within our AIM Global School, we strive to achieve, inspire, and motivate students by offering a hybrid model that facilitates a personalized, hands-on, and one-on-one educational experience. To provide additional support, our distance learning programs are available from various time zones.

We understand how important it is for students to have easy access to both face-to-face and web-based support. GlobalED has invested in cultivating a talented staff with a genuine concern for students' mastery of skills and achievement that will pave the way for their careers. Every student enrolled is assigned an Enrichment Life Coach, who stands side-by-side the student and provides assistance working through academic and life challenges.

Immersion School –The Immersion School is an online college preparatory school with a STEAM and arts focus. Students have the option of enrolling in focus tracks, such as biology, forensic sciences, theater, web design, programming, dance, and more. Tailored to college-bound students, the Immersion School stands out among competing Lakewood online schools for its ability to provide a rigorous curriculum that is designed to enhance college applications and transcripts.

GlobalED Solutions Unlimited – Our third option is GlobalED Solutions Unlimited and this distance learning program is geared toward adult learners who want to earn their high school diploma at their own pace.

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Questions about enrolling in GlobalED's online schools? Speak with an admission specialist today. We will be able to answer all of your enrollment questions. If you're ready to get started in one of our Lakewood online schools, apply online to enroll in the ideal program that brings you closer to your goals.