Aurora Online Schools

The pandemic has changed the way we live, work, and learn. For your family in Aurora, online schools might be the best solution to keep your student engaged or add more scheduling flexibility. Here at GlobalED, we offer self-paced online courses for middle school and high school students in Aurora. Our programs are available in 18 counties and are fully compliant with Colorado State academic requirements. GlobalED has served 6,000 students nationwide, including cities in Colorado like Colorado Springs, Grand Junction, Centennial, Denver, Pueblo, and more.

Students can rely on GlobalED to continue their education track seamlessly. At the same time, our dedicated staff challenges them to excel academically and gear up for the future.

Public & Private Online Schools in Aurora, CO

In GlobalED’s supportive and flexible learning environment, students from all time zones can participate. Our hybrid model blends virtual and hands-on learning models to create a curriculum that provides an engaging and interactive learning experience. GlobalED's self-paced online middle & high school courses set students up for long-term success in their professional and personal lives by delivering curriculum components through our schools: GlobalAdvantage and GlobalED Unlimited.

GlobalAdvantage (powered by HOPE Online Learning Academy) –Through a comprehensive hands-on and interactive approach to education, GlobalED's GlobalAdvantage public school helps students analyze and navigate their hands-on experience through the use of virtual tools to facilitate more in-depth understanding. This option is tuition-free for Colorado residents, and students in our Aurora online public schools are monitored, encouraged, and assisted by their assigned Enrichment Life Coach. With individualized attention, students stay on track and gain crucial organizational and studying skills.

GlobalED Unlimited – GlobalED Unlimited supplies a career-oriented knowledge and skill-building curriculum that prepares students for a future in the workforce. As a leading online private school in Aurora, this option is perfect for those looking for self-paced online courses. Available to students of all ages, GlobalED Unlimited provides courses for grades 6 to 12, including for adults age 21 and over.

Ready to Get Started with Online School in Aurora?

Online education can be interactive, engaging, and immersive. That's precisely how GlobalED approaches learning in our programs for Aurora residents. If you have any enrollment questions, curriculum, or general inquiries, GlobalED is here to help. Speak with an admission specialist today. If you're ready to begin the process and fill out an application, we've made it easy. The first step is to apply online to enroll in GlobalED's Aurora online school, and we will be in touch with you promptly.