Online Schools in Pueblo, Colorado

As part of our blended and online educational programs, GlobalED is proud to offer numerous online school options including GlobalED Unlimited and GlobalAdvantage online schools in Pueblo, Colorado. GlobalED Solutions is accredited through 18 different education zones in Colorado alone, plus many more across the rest of the country. Our online schools in Pueblo are a flexible option to continue your education and finish high school online.

GlobalED Solutions has designed a unique approach to education that allows students of all interests, abilities, and circumstances to grow through hands-on and virtual learning opportunities. Our online schools in Pueblo, Colorado make education accessible to everyone. We foster an accountability culture through our learning model; students are encouraged to work at their own pace, and they get assigned an Enrichment Life Coach to help them balance the responsibilities of education and life.

GlobalED Solutions aims to equip each graduate of our Pueblo online schools with the life skills necessary to succeed in whatever career path they choose while finishing high school online.


Our Blended and Online Schools in Pueblo

GlobalAdvantage (powered by HOPE Online Learning Academy) – GlobalAdvantage delivers a multi-district alternative online education for grades 9 to 12. This school offers a blended learning model for students who need something beyond the traditional system. Students receive a personalized pathway with web-based and face-to-face support with dedicated Life Coaches. As a public online high school in Pueblo, GlobalAdvantage is free to all Colorado residents. Whether looking to pursue higher education or directly enter the workforce after completing high school, GlobalAdvantage can provide additional support and flexibility to students who may not receive enough of it in traditional high schools.

GlobalED Solutions Unlimited – Global Unlimited is our private online middle & high school program in Pueblo, designed to help students succeed in academic, personal, and professional settings. Available to students of all ages, GlobalED Solutions Unlimited is offered to students in grades 6 to 12. With additional support from Enrichment Life Coaches and a private school setting, students excel in their studies and become well equipped for both higher education and the workforce. Children and adults of all ages are welcome to complete their high school diploma online in Pueblo with GlobalED Solutions Unlimited.


Why Us for Online School in Pueblo?

GlobalED Solutions online schools are deeply committed to serving the Pueblo community and having a positive impact on each student that engages with our online schools in Pueblo, Colorado. We believe that quality education should be accessible to everyone and that alternative means of obtaining an education should be within reach for those who want it. Our online programs offer options across the country, with a variety of different programs to fit varying students’ needs.

Our teachers have hundreds of years of combined experience to ensure that we are offering our students quality education to help them finish high school online. Having already served more than 12,000 students in Colorado, we have no intention of slowing our efforts.

Interested in attending blended or online school in Pueblo but don’t want to miss out on the sports that traditional in-person schools offer? Our GlobalSports program in Pueblo provides students the opportunity to engage in high school sports while attending online school. Our Pueblo location specializes in the following sports:


Wrestling – Students learn various techniques including take downs, trips and throws, slidebys, opponent lifting, and escapes.

Baseball – Students learn proper form and technique related to batting, catching, pitching and throwing.

Weightlifting – Students learn the “big five” lifts to kickstart their weightlifting journey and develop good form, including: squats, deadlifts, bench press, barbell row, and overhead barbell press.


Ready To Get Started?

A life-changing alternative education may be more accessible than you ever imagined; if you are ready to learn more about our online schools in Pueblo, call an admission specialist and discuss your options today!