Online Schools in Denver

With a booming population and a growing number of opportunities in Colorado’s capital city, there is a demand for students interested in exploring the option of enrolling in a free online pubic high school in Denver. GlobalED provides blended online education options throughout Colorado and the entire country. Our online high schools in Denver offer flexible programs that are both academically rich and personally fulfilling.

Whether you were unable to finish school when you were younger, or you simply find that traditional education does not meet your needs, our online middle school and high school programs are well within your reach thanks to our robust courses.

Our programs are built upon three core values: flexibility, accountability, and exceptional support. Our online schools in Denver offer the freedom for students to learn in both virtual and hands-on environments. GlobalED takes the time to analyze each student’s needs individually and assigns a Life Coach Teacher to each student to help them juggle life and education.

Denver Online Middle & High Schools

GlobalAdvantage (powered by HOPE Online Learning Academy)  – GlobalAdvantage delivers a multi-district alternative online education option for grades 9 to 12. This public online high school in Denver offers a blended learning model for students who need an alternative online option beyond the traditional system. Students receive a personalized pathway with web-based and face-to-face support.

GlobalED Solutions Unlimited – Global Unlimited is our private online school option for Denver students. Available to students in grades 6 to 12, as well as adults over age 21, this online middle & high school program is designed to help students of all ages succeed in academic, personal, and professional settings.

Why Us for Online School in Denver?

GlobalED aims to make education accessible to all. Our private & free online public schools offer a wide variety of programs across Colorado and the globe to assist in engaging students at all learning levels.

Our online school programs are designed and facilitated by staff with hundreds of years of combined teaching experience. Our online middle and high schools in Denver are aligned to Colorado’s Higher Education State Standards as well as those of Cognia.

Ready To Get Started?

If you have questions about enrolling in one of our online schools in Denver, call an admission specialist and discuss your options today!