Concurrent Enrollment

Save time and money with GlobalED's Concurrent Enrollment Pathway. Complete your high school graduation requirements and earn credits towards an AA, AS or Career and Technical Education.

Colorado-based GlobalED students in 9th–12th grades are eligible to participate in the Concurrent Enrollment or Dual Enrollment program.

As a student participating in Concurrent Enrollment, you will:

  • Have dual enrollment at GlobalED and your Community College or Adams State University
  • Get an idea of what full-time college coursework will be like
  • Take college courses that can give you a closer look at an area of academic interest to help you decide on a major
  • Start earning college credits in high school to graduate early

Enrollment includes:

  • Instruction and helpful feedback from certified teachers
  • Guidance and support from experienced life coaches

How to become a Concurrent Enrollment Student:

Step 1: Enroll with GlobalED Solutions for 9th-12th grade and confirm that you meet the requirements to qualify for the concurrent enrollment program

Step 2: Meet with your Advisor and Review the Concurrent Enrollment Agreement with your legal guardian

Step 3: Determine what pathway you would like to pursue: Associate Degree? Career and Technical Education Pathway?

Step 4: Review your graduation needs.

Step 5: Schedule college classes with your advisor that meet both your college and high school credit needs.

Step 6: Attend college classes at your local campus or participate in online classes.

* Certification exams are not included. Exam registration and fees must be completed separately.

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Work at Your Own Pace

With our flexible schedules and self-paced programs, you choose when you want to work on your assigments - day or night! Courses are available 24/7/365.


Get Support for Your Success

Highly-qualified certified teachers are trained to bring online learning to life through regular communication, live and recorded lessons, and live help office hours. In addition, our passionate, experienced GlobalED Life Coaches work 1-on-1 with you to guide, support, and keep you on track to meet your goals.

Save money, prepare for college, and finish college faster with Concurrent Enrollment!

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Suggested Concurrent Enrollment Courses for an Associate Degree

*Taught by GlobalED teachers teaching for Adams State University. Cost is free if the student passes with a C or better.
** Students may select any course number from this course prefix area.
Math 121
Language Arts - Choose 1 Communications Course and 2 English Courses
English 121
English 122
COM 115 - Public Speaking
English 101* - Communication Arts I GT-CO1
English 102* - Communication Arts II GT-CO2
Science - Choose 4
Anthropology 101 - Physical Anthropology
Astronomy 101 - Astronomy I with Lab
Astronomy 102 - Astronomy II with Lab
Geology 101 - Physical Geology with Lab
Science - Choose 4
Anthropology 101 - Physical Anthropology
Astronomy 101 - Astronomy I with Lab
Astronomy 102 - Astronomy II with Lab
Geology 101 - Physical Geology with Lab
Social Studies - Choose 3
Anthropology 101 - Cultural Anthropology
Psychology 101 - General Psychology I
Sociology 101 - Introduction to Sociology
History 101 - Western Civilization: 1650-Present
History 202* - American Hist to 1865 GT-HI1
History 203* - Amer Hist 1865-Present GT-HI1
Electives - Choose 2
ART 110 - Art Appreciation
MUS 120 - Music Appreciation
HUM 121 Humanities - Early Civilization
HGP 110 * - World History and Culture I
HGP 111* - World HIstory and Culture II
History 203 - Amer Hist 1865-Present GT-HI1
Electives - Choose 6
AST ** - Astronomy
BIO 105 and higher 202, 203, 204, 255, 261
CHE 101 and higher
ENV 101
ANT 107 - Introduction to Archaeology
ART **
COM **
CSC 160, 161
ECE 101, 102, 205, 238, 241
ECO 105 and higher
Foreign Languages 111 or higher
GEO ***
HIS **
HUM **
MUS **
PSY ** except 106 & 110
SCI 155 and 156
SOC **