Benefits of Online Apprenticeship Programs for Online Students

Online high schools are becoming more and more popular among students who want more flexibility in their education. Increasingly, these schools are offering more than just online curriculum. Online high schools can offer extra curricular activities, concurrent enrollment, career and technical education, and even on the job training and apprenticeship!

What's the Difference Between an Apprenticeship and an Internship?

Apprenticeship and internship are often used interchangeably. However, there are key differences in these two types of programs. An internship is usually an opportunity for a student to work in a field related to a chosen career path. The student has the chance to work in the environment of the career field for a summer or part of a school year. However, these experiences can vary widely from learning to perform the simplest of tasks to actually receiving on the job training for future employment opportunities. On the other hand, apprenticeship is defined by on the job training and brings with it the potential to move into full time skilled employment.  


Creating and maintaining relationships with local employers can be challenging and time consuming, but online schools can partner with apprenticeship “matchmakers” that initiate these relationships for the school or district. In Colorado, Global Advantage’s online students can work through Career Wise to find great matches for their skills and career paths through paid apprenticeships. Students fill out information online about their skills, experience, and interests. Employers looking for certain skill sets can evaluate these students and work with Global Advantage staff to ensure a good match is made.


While an internship may just be for a summer or a semester, an apprenticeship is a longer term relationship between the student and the employer. Global Advantage online students can sign on for a two or three year program with Career Wise. This time can extend beyond the graduation year. During their apprenticeship program, students develop competency sets and experience evaluations every six months. They know the skills they need to improve and the areas in which they excel. Employers also offer certifications and job-related college courses to the apprentices at no cost as a part of their training. 

A successful apprenticeship can end in full time employment in a fulfilling career path. However, a successful apprenticeship can also end in gaining the experience necessary to decide to take a different path. Either way, online students benefit from the amazing opportunities of apprenticeship offered through partnerships between their school and local employers.

If you are interested in you or your student enrolling in online or hybrid learning with GlobalED Solutions, or have additional questions about online apprenticeship programs available to students, please contact us today.