Online Schools in Centennial

GlobalED offers blended online education options for students across Colorado including the cities of Pueblo, Colorado Springs, Denver, Grand Junction, Fort Morgan, and more.  Our accredited online high schools in Centennial offer an educational experience that is flexible, accountable, and unique all at once. Our self-paced online high schools have already served more than 12,000 students, and we are excited to continue growing together.

Our online high school courses in Centennial are designed to equip students with academic, technological, and life skills necessary to succeed in the workforce upon graduation. Our approach prioritizes both virtual and hands-on learning so that students can work at their own pace on their personal computers or a school-issued one. GlobalED also assigns each student an Enrichment Life Coach to provide one-on-one academic assistance. Our unique approach to education prepares our students in Centennial to succeed in the professional world once they have graduated from one of our self-paced online high schools.

Centennial Online Middle & High Schools

GlobalAdvantage (powered by HOPE Online Learning Academy)  – GlobalAdvantage delivers a multi-district online alternative education option for grades 9 to 12. This program offers a blended learning model for high school students in Centennial with face-to-face and web-based support.

GlobalED Unlimited – GlobalED Unlimited is our online middle & high school program designed to help students succeed in personal, academic, and professional settings. Available to students of any age in grades 6 to 12, GlobalED Unlimited provides students with the opportunity to complete high school regardless of their age.

Why Us?

GlobalED has hundreds of years of combined experience in education providing our team all the expertise needed to ensure our students’ success. Our online schools in Centennial offer results-driven programs to help our students graduate with the life skills necessary to be successful in the workforce and in postsecondary institutions. We offer a variety of different online midlle & high school programs so we can effectively cater to different Centennial students’ needs. Our blended and self-paced online high schools are a perfect alternative for those who find the traditional school system not accessible.

Ready To Get Started with Online School in Centennial?

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