Online School 6th Grade

If you’re looking for online school 6th grade options for your middle-schooler, you’ve come to the right place! Through accredited educational programs, GlobalED Solutions has helped thousands of students across Colorado, the US, and the world gain the knowledge and education necessary to successfully complete the 6th grade online. GlobalED has already assisted thousands of full-time students to further their education, and we are committed to continuing our mission by offering online schools for 6th graders compliant with Colorado State's educational standards. With graduates from Denver, Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Centennial, Grand Junction, GlobalED offers flexible, reliable, and supportive online schools for 6th grade students.

Our 6th Grade Online School Options

GlobalED Solutions Unlimited - With a team of dedicated educators, GlobalED Solutions has grown into a leading provider of digital learning. Whether your middle-schooler is a local Coloradan or you are living in a different country entirely, our GlobalED Unlimited program makes 6th grade online school options available for every location and learning style. Our private online school 6th grade courses allow students to begin middle school with a strong foundation, regardless of when or where in the world they may study.

GlobalED Unlimited is our private school option created for students of all ages working through grades 6 to 12. Our robust program pairs a personal Enrichment Life Coach with each student and enables everyone the ability to complete online classes for the 6th grade and grow in a program that best suits their needs. This program provides a flexible path towards a high school diploma, with diverse course options to support students’ social emotional learning while expanding their academic knowledge. Courses covering the topics of mental health, stress and emotional management, goal setting and mindfulness aim to help students increase their self-knowledge while courses covering topics like bullying, social justice, healthy communication, and healthy relationships help students expand their social emotional knowledge. These courses not only prepare students for their future careers but also strengthen their character and their relationships.

Why Us?

With options in Colorado, the US, and worldwide, GlobalED Solutions provides our communities with access to flexible education plans and programs. With over a hundred years of combined experience, our teachers are continually focused on helping our students achieve their educational goals and reach success.

Ready To Get Started?

If you’re looking for more flexibility for your middle-schooler to complete online classes for the 6th grade, or if you have any questions about our 6th grade online school options, we invite you to reach out to our dedicated, friendly staff for more information or fill out an application today!