Closing the Covid Learning Gap With Online School

Students nationwide were affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and the resulting school closures, quick and sometimes clumsy pivots by traditional schools to online learning, and general disruptions to the learning process. Those least affected by the Covid learning gap were those who were already enrolled in online school before the onset of the pandemic. GlobalED students continued their online classes in spite of the chaos surrounding traditional education. Even so, the psychological and financial impacts have affected all students, online or in-person. Student test scores have declined nationwide. Educators and families are looking for the best path forward, and that path definitely includes online learning.

Minimal Disruption

Students who were already learning online had little disruption to their education during the pandemic. GlobalED students were already completing school work from home, and though additional stresses were placed on families due to the pandemic, at least these students had no major changes to their learning process. Online students were also used to reaching out to teachers and other members of their team through virtual platforms. Moving forward, returning to Covid restrictions will not cause further disruption and even simple “snow days” have no effect on online learning!

Self Pacing

Students who have found themselves behind in some subjects may be able to take advantage of self-paced online learning. They can accelerate their pace through some classes and catch up to the correct grade level, or even get ahead! With standards based curriculum and qualified teachers only a click away, students have everything they need to be successful. 

Some families have faced extreme hardships due to the pandemic, and students may be working to help support the family or helping out more with child care and other family duties.  With online learning, students who are working can find time for online learning and complete their education while helping out their families at the same time.

Prescriptive Courses

Online students who are lacking specific skills can be assigned to prescriptive courses like Exact Path from Edmentum. At GlobalED, student skills are assessed at the beginning of the school year. Specific lessons in Exact Path can be added to a student’s schedule alongside the appropriate grade-level course. This way, students can brush up in areas of weakness, while continuing to progress at grade level. What’s more, there is no social stigma associated with the classes, because no one but the student and staff know which courses are assigned to each student. 

GlobalED online students have many advantages that will help them in a post-pandemic world. With limited disruptions, standards based curriculum, qualified teachers, prescriptive courses, and the ability to work at their own pace, GlobalEd students will soon be closing the Covid learning gap and reaching their educational goals!

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