Can Online Students Participate in Sports?

Many students and families are finding online school is a better option for their needs than traditional “brick and mortar” school. Students feel safe, and they can focus on their studies without distraction.  Many online schools like Global Advantage in Colorado, even offer wraparound support and services that are only a click away! But what about sports and extracurricular activities? Can students in online schools participate in sports?

Local Districts

In Colorado, where Global Advantage serves students statewide, students are allowed to participate on their local district sports teams regardless of what school they attend.  That means they can play on the same team with other students in their neighborhood even if they have chosen to attend online school. In Colorado, Students can learn from home and still play for the home team!

Private Leagues

If anything, online education has made participating in private sports leagues or private art, dance or drama classes easier to fit in to a student’s schedule. No matter where they live, students who learn online for all or most of their classes have more flexible schedules. This makes participating in sports and other extra curricular activities through private leagues and organizations much easier. Online classes are also portable, so playing for a traveling team can me much less stressful for players who learn online than for those who attend traditional school.

Elite and High Level Athletes

Some students have a talent or a passion for their sport or activity that lifts them above the average student of their age. Not only might they play for a traveling team, but they might practice or rehearse for several hours a day.  For these students, online school can be the best way to make more time in their schedules while still allowing them to pursue their passion!

Student athletes can find the flexibility they need with online school. In many ways, online school allows students the ability to participate in sports in more ways than traditional, physical schools may offer. Whatever level of participation they desire, online students can achieve their athletic and extracurricular potential, while continuing to meet their academic goals online.

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