4 Ways Virtual Learning Is Opening Doors

Every student is unique, and in spite of educators’ best efforts at differentiating traditional classroom learning, there are some students who are limited by the brick and mortar school system. Some at-risk students need a different approach in terms of learning space or learning pace. Other students need to accelerate their learning or they will quickly lose interest. Still others may be elite athletes, have jobs, or family responsibilities that can pose challenges to a traditional school schedule. For these students, online learning is opening doors.

Reengaging At Risk Students

At GlobalED Solutions, students who come to the school as “at risk” are immediately referred to as “at promise”. When students make the transition from an in-person school to online education, they are encouraged to leave behind all the distractions and issues that were holding them back. Each student is assigned a Life Coach to help them set personal and  academic goals, but Life Coaches also help connect students to wrap-around services that can help them deal with whatever challenges they are facing. What’s more, there is no social stigma, as students work one-on-one with their coaches and teachers.

Providing Flexibility for Exceptional Students

Exceptional students require exceptional education. This can include students with disabilities, learning challenges, students who are exceptionally gifted, or twice exceptional students who may be gifted and also challenged. Online education can easily be individualized, with prescriptive supplementary coursework like GlobalED’s Edmentum Exact Path lessons. Advanced students do not need to be held back with the class, but can work at their own pace and level. Early college and concurrent enrollment can be a part of the plan for some students who are ready for more challenges.

Exceptional students may also be students who have exceptional lives. Elite athletes, pre-professional ballet dancers, students who have jobs or exceptional responsibilities at home also need individualized plans to help them meet their educational goals while continuing to pursue their passions, work, or help out at home.

Providing a Lifeline for Expelled Students

Students will find a way of communicating that things in their lives are not working. Sometimes they act out in ways that force in-person schools to expel them because their behavior is not safe or conducive to the learning process. Though this may be necessary in some cases, it can also be devastating to a student’s education. Students who are behind in school become more behind, and depending on their home environment, their deviant behaviors will likely grow worse rather than improve. One of the many benefits of virtual learning is that online school provides a lifeline for these students. Especially if they can connect with adults who believe in them, encourage them, and have positive expectations for them. Online school really can be life-changing for these students who may have been on the path towards dropping out, but can be placed on a path towards graduation and a bright future!


Serving Transient and Homeless Students

Transient and homeless students are in especially fragile situations. Though brick-and-mortar schools try to provide a safe place and services for these students, for some, the demands can still be too much. Online school offers flexibility, access to wrap-around services, and supportive staff who will work with students one on one. GlobalED staff members go above and beyond to ensure that every student has every opportunity to succeed. 

The success stories are many. The power of virtual learning to open doors is being proven through the personal stories of students and graduates who have found online options like GlobalED Solutions to be there to provide access to education, services, and hope when they needed them.

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