Online School 11th Grade

If you're a high school junior or an adult learner looking for online school 11th grade options, GlobalED can help you succeed! Our online school is accredited and has helped junior students can atend online classes for 11th grade to learn the skills and develop the knowledge required to operate at and exceed a high school junior level. We provide fully online school to students around the world and blended learning options to Colorado students with our Drop-in Zones.

11th Grade Online School Programs

GlobalAdvantage (powered by HOPE Online Learning Academy) – With GlobalAdvantage, students can access a hybrid learning model that focuses on both hands-on educational material as well as guided support. You can also choose how you learn and access both web-based material and face-to-face learning and development resources. When you join, we'll set you up with an Enrichment Life Coach Teacher who will be there to guide you and offer the assistance you need to achieve success. Over the years, we've supported students from Denver, Colorado Springs, Grand Junction, Pueblo, Centennial, and many other cities with a tuition-free learning experience (tuition is free for Colorado residents!), and we are excited to welcome you to join us.

GlobalED Solutions Unlimited – Our second online school 11th grade option is our GlobalED Solutions Unlimited program, where students can enroll year-round in a private school setting. This option is available for national students both in and outside of Colorado, as well as international students abroad. This is a great fit for those who have recently relocated to a new city and are seeking out options to help further their educational development with online classes for 11th grade.

Why GlobalED Solutions?

Our mission is to help you reach your educational goals and provide the support necessary to help you flourish. With a team of teachers and educators able to assist both Colorado residents and students across the globe, there's something for everyone from GlobalED Solutions.

Ready to Enroll in Online Classes for 11th Grade?

If you're a high school junior seeking a new learning experience or an adult learner looking to finish the 11th grade, our admission specialists can help to answer your questions and get you on track. Call us now or fill out an online application to explore our online school 11th grade options!