Why GlobalAdvantage?

Colorado high school students have many choices, from traditional brick-and-mortar schools to a variety of online options. Why are some families choosing Global Advantage? What makes Global Advantage - powered by HOPE Online Learning Academy - an outstanding school?

High Quality Academics

At Global Advantage, students benefit from experienced, caring, certified teachers for every subject. Global Advantage offers the flexibility of online classes, with the addition of teacher support and live lessons only a click away! Students stay on pace with their lessons, but are able to make their own schedule around work, sports, or other obligations. However, high-quality academics are only one piece of the puzzle for Global Advantage students.

Personal Life Coach

Each and every Global Advantage student is assigned a personal Enrichment Life Coach - someone who is always on their side, always ready to help them set and reach their goals! Students can stop by their drop-in Education Zone whenever they need help or support and Global Advantage staff are happy to assist and encourage them!

Global Advantage knows that high school is about more than academics. Social and emotional learning are crucial. Some students come to Global Advantage to escape the social distractions of traditional school. Some may have even experienced bullying. Whatever their background, all students can benefit from a social and emotional learning program.

Social and Emotional Learning

Besides the support of a personal Enrichment Life Coach, Global Advantage offers easily accessible, user-friendly courses from BASE. BASE covers topics, including Healthy Relationships, Self-Esteem, Digital Citizenship, How to say “No”, Drugs and the Mind/Body, and dozens of other relevant topics. Students can also participate in group or individual sessions with an expert in the social and emotional needs of adolescents. Global Advantage knows that healthy students are successful students!

Career Paths, Concurrent Enrollment, and Work Force Readiness

Having a healthy and positive experience in high school is great, but what about after high school? How does Global Advantage prepare students for the next steps?

Global Advantage understands that not all students are on the same path. Students can choose from a variety of pathways that suit them best. As Global Advantage staff get to know their students, they are able to help them set and reach goals.

Career Paths

Global Advantage offers courses that support career paths in healthcare, culinary arts, entrepreneurship, early childhood caregiving and education, and information technology. Students can explore these fields and decide if the path is right for them. If not, they can explore something different. They may even qualify for Concurrent Enrollment at a local college, where they can further their education.

Concurrent Enrollment

Concurrent Enrollment allows qualified students to begin college while still in highschool. Each college class earns them both highschool and college credit. As they are completing graduation requirements, they are also jump-starting their college education.

Students may choose to focus on core courses such as English, Math, History, or Science that will launch them into a four-year program, or they may focus on career-related courses such as Early Childhood Education, Nursing, Welding, Cosmetology, and more. Some students are able to earn industry certificates or even their Associate’s Degree by the time they finish high school! Global Advantage has agreements with 12+ colleges across the state, so no matter where a student is located, they will have nearby college opportunities!

Some college-bound students may choose a more traditional high school path including Advanced Placement (AP) courses. Other students may not desire to attend college at all. These students may wish to join the workforce right after high school. To ensure all graduates have a bright future, Global Advantage offers a Work Force Ready plan of study, also known as “Career Now”.

WorkForce Readiness

Students who plan to join the workforce upon graduation, or students who are already working to support themselves have opportunities to gain knowledge, skills, and certifications that will help them achieve higher earnings and better jobs. WorkForce Readiness students take a tailored selection of classes. Before graduation, WorkForce Readiness students will take and pass the WorkKeys assessments, demonstrating skills in Applied Technology, Business Writing, and Workplace Observation. They will also earn their National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC) with at least a Bronze award.


Why Global Advantage? Global Advantage graduates are ready for life after high school! While at Global Advantage, they benefit from a robust academic program. They also have access to social and emotional support, and many opportunities to explore career fields. Contact us today to learn more about how Global Advantage truly gives their students the advantage they need! Ready to enroll? Start the enrollment process now!