An Established Online School for Canon City Students

GlobalED Solutions is a leader in providing blended learning programs in Canon City. With a Drop-in location in Canon City and more across the United States, we help more than 12000 students obtain high school diplomas and certifications for workforce readiness.

Our online and blended learning programs in Canon City are created to ensure that each student can graduate with the technological, personal, and academic skills needed for postsecondary education and career preparation. High school students can access these programs online from anywhere in the world or in our Canon City Education zone for a hybrid learning experience. 


Our Canon City Drop-in Location

Our Canon City Education Zone connects GlobalED Solutions students and their families with resources that can open doors for the whole community. Our main priorities are personalized instruction, student wellness, community partnerships, family engagement, and learning readiness.

These strategies have enabled students to achieve the desired academic results. We have monthly community engagement events in our Canon City Drop-in zone. Our Canon City zone also partners with our Pueblo location for fun summer occasions such as kickball.

Canon City online students can also explore various options for high school athletics. Aside from kickball, our GlobalSports program in Canon City offers several sports including weight training, agilities, yoga, baseball, and softball clinics. These clinics provide students the opportunity to practice skills like batting, fielding, pitching, and throwing.

Not only do we offer our Canon City students the opportunity to catch up with the traditional curriculum, but we allow the students to prepare for demanding careers through our career pathway program. The program prepares students for recognized certifications to help them pursue their career choices or join the higher education system. Whether you want to pursue a career in culinary arts, health care, childhood education, or information technology, we can offer the opportunity to explore and prepare in advance.


Blended Learning & Online School Programs in Canon City

GlobalAdvantage (powered by HOPE Online Learning Academy) 

Our GlobalAdvantage school is supported by Hope Online Learning Academy and aims to offer public alternative education to Canon City students in grades 9 to 12. This program benefits students who want something beyond the typical educational system. Through this program, we offer social, emotional, and academic support. Our one-on-one approach allows students to receive an educational pathway specifically designed for them.

This school provides a blended learning approach with a built-in online curriculum. The GlobalAdvantage model entails web-based and physical support from our dedicated life coaches. Our primary focus is on ensuring that each student obtains the requisite skills for future success.

GlobalED Unlimited

GlobalED Unlimited is a perfect online Canon City private school solution for students of all ages. Grade 6-12 students can enroll and receive the skills necessary to excel in academic, personal, and professional environments. This alternative learning approach incorporates exploration and fun using various learning methods to students of all ages, including adults age 21 and over.

Students can showcase their skills and knowledge to create career pathways and attain individual goals. This private online high school program features 22 credits. It is perfect for individuals seeking to join college or join the workforce. Whichever goals you want to achieve, the curriculum will offer the knowledge and skills you need to get to where you want to be.


What is Concurrent Enrollment, and How Can Canon City Students Benefit?

Concurrent or dual enrollment refers to a program where students can receive college credit while still in high school. Concurrent enrollment consists of our developed programs where students can simultaneously take college and high school classes.

These programs can be a cost-effective way for high school students to be accepted to colleges with junior or sophomore status. Our program can offer an added advantage to students who want to prepare for college coursework. This exposure to college coursework while in high school ensures the student has a better understanding of what to expect in the higher education system.


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