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What can support or social emotional courses do for you?

Research shows that Social Emotional Learning can help to:

  • reduce stress and anxiety

  • build self-confidence

  • improve grades

These reasons are exactly why GlobalED Solutions offer social emotional courses from BASE Education to our program. Base Education courses are research-based and built by educators and mental health professionals with students in mind.

77% of students say they use what theyve learned in BASE courses in their everyday life


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screenshot of BASE social emotional course on Motivation


Motivation is a powerful feeling that can help you to achieve your goals. Most students report that they would like to improve their motivation in some area of their life. This interactive course will help you to recognize the types of motivation, reflect on what motivates you, what can be barriers to motivation and provide ways to improve motivation, and provides helpful tools that you can use to make better choices and overcome challenges in the future.

Try out the free course now:

STEP 1: Visit the BASE Education Demo Site and log in with Username: ga-student Password: ga2022!
STEP 2: Click on the “Library” tab to view the description for the demo course titled Motivation and click the tile to launch the course.
NOTE: You will be prompted to respond to questions directly within the course. However, the system will not record your answers since this is only a demo course.

Here are some of the other helpful support courses from BASE that are available to GlobalED students:

Adjusting to Today’s New “Normal”

All or Nothing Thinking

Anger Management


Bullying and Cyberbullying

Character Traits

Coping Strategies

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Cultural Implications Within Family and Learned Behavior


Digital Citizenship

Future Goals

Getting to Know You

Healthy Communication

Healthy Relationships

Impulsive Decision-Making

Irrational Thinking


Learned Helplessness

Learning How to Say “No Thanks”.

Life Changes and Adjustments




Restorative Practices


Stress Management

Substance Use and Misuse

Suicide Education and Prevention

Talking to Adults


Vision of Self

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