ACT Workkeys Career Path

Whether you have fallen behind in high school or dropped out, the ACT® Workkeys® career path offers you an accelerated path to a high school diploma while earning a certificate that shows employers that you are career-ready.

This pathway to graduation allows students 17 or older and 10 or more credits away from graduation to earn an alternative version of a high school diploma and demonstrate the skills needed for success in the workplace. Students who complete this program will also earn the ACT® National Career Readiness Certificate, a credential recommended and recognized by thousands of employers and educators.

The ACT Workkeys Career path will allow you to:

  • Identify skills that need improvement and the training you need to fill those gaps

  • Show prospective employers concrete proof of the workplace-ready skills

  • Apply real-world use to coursework from the classroom

  • Improve your opportunities for career changes or advancement

Plus, upon successful completion, you will be prepared to take the ACT Workkeys NCRC exam, a credential recommended and recognized by thousands of employers and educators.

Enrollment includes:

  • 24/7/365 access to engaging courses focused on your goals

  • Flexible, self-paced learning

  • Instruction and helpful feedback from certified teachers

  • Guidance and support from experienced life coaches

* Certification exams are not included. Exam registration and fees must be completed separately.

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Work at Your Own Pace

With our flexible schedules and self-paced programs, you choose when you want to work on your assigments - day or night! Courses are available 24/7/365.


Get Support for Your Success

Highly-qualified certified teachers are trained to bring online learning to life through regular communication, live and recorded lessons, and live help office hours. In addition, our passionate, experienced GlobalED Life Coaches work 1-on-1 with you to guide, support, and keep you on track to meet your goals.

Get back on track to earn your high school diploma

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ACT® Workkeys® Pathway

* Test out options available
Required Coursework
English 12 Capstone
Workplace Documents*
Business Writing
Financial Math
Applied Math*
Graphic Literacy*
Workplace Observation
Interpersonal and Business Communications
Applied Physics or Physical Science
Applied Technology - Thermodynamics
Applied Technology - Fluid Dynamics
Applied Technology - Electricity
Applied Technology - Mechanics
Required Assessments (Passing = Level 3 or Higher)
Workkeys Applied Math
Workkeys Workplace Documents
Workkeys Graphic Literacy
Workkeys Business Writing
Workkeys Workplace Observation
Workkeys Applied Technology