Online Schools in Greeley

GlobalED Solutions is a global leader in offering blended and online educational programs for students in grades 6 to 12. Our physical drop-in location, Greeley Education Zone, serves students all over Greeley and is an excellent option for students looking for a convenient alternative to the traditional educational system.

GlobalED Solutions is unique in providing a dedicated life coach to each student to ensure every individual is fully supported and ensure accountability. Our life coaches are available virtually and in person to students residing in Greeley.



Private and Public Online School Options in Greeley

This school provides a blended learning approach with a built-in online curriculum. The GlobalAdvantage model entails web-based and physical support from our dedicated life coaches. Our primary focus is on ensuring that each student obtains the requisite skills for future success.

GlobalAdvantage (powered by HOPE Online Learning Academny)

GlobalAdvantage is a multi-district online public school run by HOPE Online Learning Academy. This web-based school provides virtual alternative education options for Greeley students in grades 9th through to 12th grade. GlobalAdvantage has a curriculum that covers various high school diploma programs tailored to meet each student’s needs. Students will receive the material, tools, resources, and expert instruction and support from our abled live coaches in a virtual environment.

Our staff provides educational and emotional support to ensure students get the best experience possible. Furthermore, the GlobalAdvantage solution offers a blended approach with a built-in online curriculum, including web-based and in-person support. Our goal is to provide the knowledge and skills necessary for students’ achievement and future success.

GlobalED Solutions Unlimited

GlobalED Solutions Unlimited is a private diploma program designed for students in 6th to 12th grade. GlobalED Soltions Unlimited is available to students of any age, as adults are welcome to attend and earn the diploma they may not have had the opportunity to obtain previously. This online school program helps students succeed in academic, personal, and professional areas.

Covering a wide range of adult programs, promoting fun, education, and exploration through various interactive learning techniques. Through GlobalED Solutions Unlimited, learners can create a path to success and achieve their individual goals.

GlobalED Solutions Unlimited can benefit students who want to gain knowledge and skills that enable them to succeed in college or begin their career journey. This virtual curriculum incorporates 22 credits.


What is Concurrent Enrollment, and How Can Canon City Students Benefit?

Concurrent or dual enrollment refers to a program where students can receive college credit while still in high school. Concurrent enrollment consists of our developed programs where students can simultaneously take college and high school classes.
These programs can be a cost-effective way for high school students to be accepted to colleges with junior or sophomore status. Our program can offer an added advantage to students who want to prepare for college coursework. This exposure to college coursework while in high school ensures the student has a better understanding of what to expect in the higher education system.


Our Greeley Drop-In Location

Are you looking to explore a face-to-face hybrid learning experience in Greeley? GlobalED Solutions offers the best and most flexible high school programs to students looking for options beyond the traditional school system. Our Greeley Drop-In center provides a full range of services that help connect learners with their communities. Jam-packed with incredible outside resources, our physical location creates multiple opportunities for the larger Greeley community.

Our Greeley Drop-In location allows learners to meet with in-person life coaches for an improved experience. GlobalED Solutions embraces personalized instruction, community partnerships, readiness to learn, and family engagement as important strategies to help develop a better education outcome for learners.

Greeley City

The city of Greeley has a vibrant art, economic, and political reach that stretches beyond its municipal borders. It is an artistic city that is a great place to study, work, live, and create. Our Greely location focuses on empowering community engagement and working with local artists to teach students the value of creating a positive impact on one’s community.

At GlobalED Solutions, we have a great focus on helping learners get involved in the arts, culture, and other events in their local community. Partnering with local artists to provide innovative and effective solutions helps create a forward-thinking community. We aim to help our students achieve greatness so that they can improve their personal and professional lives while positively impacting society.


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