With Online Education, Is Newer Always Better?

During the Covid-19 pandemic, many educators were forced to adjust quickly to online systems or to expand already existing online options as in-person schools were shut down. Now that schools are open, many districts have kept online programs available. Other, newer, online schools have appeared overnight.

Then there are the existing online schools, like GlobalED Solutions, that have been providing online education all along. In the innovative world of online education, is newer always better? Are the new online schools the best choice, or should students look to the schools that have always been online?

Innovative vs Experimental

There is a difference between innovative education and experimental ideas being tested on students. During the pandemic, students experienced a mixture of both, and of course, some experiments worked while others did not. To their credit, educators kept trying, implementing strategy on top of new strategy, hoping to find something that would work for students.

However, online education has actually been around long enough that for those who work in the field, there are definitely tried and true methods for reaching students, engaging students, and preparing students for life beyond school. An online school should never be averse to trying new things, but parents should be wary of schools that don’t have a track record behind them. This track record may include past mistakes, but these are mistakes educators have given them the chance to grow and improve.

Knowing How to Implement the “New”

Of course, online schools should never shy away from implementing new systems. However, experience is often the best teacher, and established online schools know what works when making changes that affect students. Students should never feel overwhelmed just keeping up with changes and improvements and educators should have a deep knowledge of a new system before expecting students to use it. 

Improvements, new systems, and updates to old systems can be rolled out smoothly and effectively by experienced online educators. For example, GlobalED Solutions just launched a new innovative orientation program through a gamification platform for educators. This engaging way of presenting student orientation was in the works for more than a year and included a pilot program with a select group of students and learning coaches. When the whole school adopted the program in the fall of 2022, everything was up and running and students were guided through by staff who had a thorough understanding of the system.

Online education is innovative and does embrace changes and improvements. However, it should never feel experimental! Families may choose to steer clear of online schools with little or no experience, and trust an established innovator with their child’s education. 

If your student is interested in enrolling in online school, contact GlobalED Solutions to see which of our options is best for your child.