How To Help a Student Who Is Behind in Online School

More and more students are finding success in online learning. With flexibility when and where they learn, students can make the most of their day and pursue athletics, take care of family responsibilities, and gain work experience, all while they are meeting their academic goals. But, what if a student is struggling with all this flexibility and doesn’t know where to start? What if they have overextended themselves and are struggling to keep up? Global Advantage offers solutions to help their online middle and high school students balance their schedules and get back on track!

Life Coach - Lifeline

At Global Advantage, the student’s Life Coach is likely the first person who will notice a student is falling behind. Life Coaches meet with students weekly and help them to set goals, so when these goals are not met, they will want to find out why, and how they can help. Parents can also meet with their student’s Life Coach to help them to understand any extenuating circumstances and develop strategies to work with the student. A student’s Life Coach really can be their lifeline when it comes to staying on track with school work! The first step is communication, whether it comes from the parent or the student. Life Coaches can help, but they need to understand the situation first, before they can offer solutions.

Social Emotional Learning

Sometimes, when working with a student, a Life Coach may discover that a student could benefit from some social and emotional learning. Perhaps the student lacks confidence or is struggling with interpersonal relationships. Global Advantage Life Coaches can recommend user-friendly social emotional learning courses to their student that can help them work through these issues. Students can also earn elective credit through these lessons, so they are still making progress towards graduation, while learning strategies that help them to stay focused and on track in school. When necessary, students may also schedule a one-on-one session with a licensed counselor. Whatever the students social and emotional needs are, Global Advantage makes every effort to meet students where they are and to help them to move forward.

Teacher Help Just a Click Away

A student’s problem may be a particular subject or lesson that is challenging for them, or an extremely demanding schedule. Regardless, communication with teachers is the key to getting back on track. Global Advantage teachers are always available online. Students can attend live lesson sessions, access individual tutoring, exchange messages, or engage in a video call with their teachers. If a student is reluctant to contact a teacher, parents or a student’s Life Coach can help to start the conversation by initiating a 3-way chat. Once a student sees how much the teachers truly care about their students and their success, they can continue the conversation on their own. Global Advantage teachers have many ways to help students to achieve their goals, and they are only a click away.

If a student is struggling to keep up in online school, it is time to reach out! Parents can help students to contact Life Coaches, Teachers, and access Social and Emotional Learning resources. Students never have to give up in despair, because they are surrounded by a network of caring professionals who can help them to achieve their goals!

To learn more or enroll your student in an accredited online school program, contact GlobalED Solutions today.